Site License Tiers

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Tier Category: Academic
Tier : 1 Category: Academic: Primary/secondary school; Head Start program
Tier : 2 Category: Academic: College or university: associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s level; Technical college
Tier : 3 Category: Academic: Doctorate-granting university with student population up to 20,000; Medical school
Tier : 4Category: Academic: Large academic institution (student population over 20,000): includes major universities with attached medical colleges or teaching hospitals
Tier : 5 Category: Academic: University consortium or shared network; Consortia of academic and medical libraries
Tier Category: Medical
Tier : 1 Category: Medical: Single clinic or individual, private practice
Tier : 2 Category: Medical: Nursing school; Allied health training program (e.g., PT, chiropractic); Community hospital or clinic (not a major teaching or research facility)
Tier : 3 Category: Medical: Major teaching or research hospital, affiliated with medical school, offering multiple residency programs, but not attached to university; Medical or pharmacy school without shared access to other libraries
Tier : 5 Category: Medical: Healthcare network/hospital system with multiple-site shared access; Consortia
Tier Category: Public/Nonprofit
Tier : 1 Category: Public/Nonprofit: Public (non-research) library
Tier : 2 Category: Public/Nonprofit: Small nonprofit or government research lab; Independent research library; Nonprofit health policy or advocacy group; Charitable organization; Local/regional government agency or ministry, such as city or state/province public health department; Professional society or trade association/union
Tier : 4 Category: Public/Nonprofit: National government agency; Large nonprofit or government research institute
Tier : 5 Category: Public/Nonprofit: National or state-wide site license; Society or agency/ministry-wide license with multiple-site shared access; Consortia
Category: Corporate
Tier : 3 Category: Corporate:

Small for-profit business, such as law firm, technology consultants, etc.

Tier : 4Category: Corporate:

Large for-profit single-site organization; Mid-size regional or national for-profit organization

Tier : 5 Category: Corporate:

Large international or global for-profit organization or corporation with multiple-site shared access


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