FPM Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact FPM?

To suggest an article topic, submit a letter to the editor, follow up on something you've read in FPM, or simply ask a question, contact the editors at fpmedit@aafp.org, or get additional contact information.

What is FPM?

Family Practice Management (FPM) is a peer-reviewed journal published six times a year by the American Academy of Family Physicians. Its mission is to give family physicians the tools and information they need to build better practices and improve patient care.

What is "Digital FPM"?

Digital FPM is an electronic replica of the print edition. AAFP members and FPM paid subscribers can access the digital edition for free. To receive alerts when a new issue is available, sign up online. You’ll be able to open and read FPM while you’re online, or you can download it to your desktop and read the offline version or a pdf. You can turn the pages with the click of a mouse, search the content, or call up the table of contents from any page and jump immediately to articles you’re interested in. Articles include hyperlinks to related content in the digital edition and on the Web. Video and audio illustrations may be included when appropriate.

What is the difference between the FPM website and Digital FPM?

Digital FPM is a page-turning, electronic replica of the print edition. The FPM website, which you are now accessing, features the current issue, as well as complete archives of FPM, the FPM Toolbox and FPM’s CME quiz.

Is the FPM website open to anyone?

Yes, but online access to new issues is restricted to AAFP members and paid subscribers. The content of each issue is made freely available about one year after publication. For access to restricted content, please consider subscribing to the journal, joining the AAFP, or purchasing access to a single issue online.

Where can I find information about subscribing to the print edition?

Subscription information is available online or by calling 800-274-2237. AAFP members can subscribe for a discounted price.

What is an FPM "tool"?

An FPM tool is any form, flow sheet, coding guide, protocol, patient handout, financial calculator, or survey (among other things) that FPM publishes to help family physicians improve their practices. All of the FPM tools are available in the FPM Toolbox, which is updated with each issue.

How do I order FPM products?

FPM offers a variety of products, including coding tools, which you can purchase online or by calling 800-274-2237.

Does FPM have an editorial calendar?

No, we do not publish an editorial calendar, but our media kit does include an editorial profile.

How do I submit an article to FPM?

For specific information about what types of articles we're interested in, how to submit an article, how we select articles for publication, and how our editing process works, see our Authors' Guide.

If I submit an article to FPM, when will I know if it has been accepted and, if accepted, when it will be published?

The time from submission to acceptance or rejection is typically six to eight weeks, although revision requests may lengthen the process. The time from acceptance to publication can vary from a few months to one year. For more information about this process, see our Authors' Guide.

How do I change the address on my subscription?

To receive your journal at a new address, you must notify us of your change in address at least six weeks in advance to ensure uninterrupted delivery of FPM. E-mail your address change to contactcenter@aafp.org or make the change online.

Can I purchase back issues?

Yes. Prices vary depending on the number of back issues you'd like to order. Get more information about purchasing back issues.

Who should I notify if I experience technical problems on FPM's site?

Please complete our online form and a representative from the AAFP’s technical support staff will get in touch with you to solve the problem.

Can I receive CME credit for reading FPM?

AAFP members and print edition subscribers can complete the CME quiz online to earn CME credit for each issue of FPM. Quizzes for the past year are available online.