2013 Family Practice Management

FPM Past Issues:

January/February 2013 - Physician Burnout 
Physician Resilience and Burnout • 12 Errors to Avoid in Coding Skin Procedures • Leadership in a Health Care Organization • Secure Messaging • Meet FPM's New Medical Editor • Coming Home • Coding Q&A • Practice Pearls • The Doctor-Centered Medical Home

March/April 2013 - Medication Adherence 
Medication Adherence • Envisioning New Roles for Medical Assistants • Emergency Preparedness for Office-Based Family Physicians • Redesigning Your Work Space to Support Team-Based Care • Coding Q&A • Practice Pearls • The Relational Soul of Family Medicine

May/June 2013 - Generational Leadership
Effectively Leading Physicians of All Ages • Transitional Care Management • The Updated HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules • Symptom Diaries • Collaborative Care Plans • Health Coaching • Coding Q&A • Practice Pearls

July/August 2013 - Documentation Review
Do You Know What Is (or Isn’t) in Your Documentation? • Personal Issues to Consider Before Leaving Independent Practice • Easing Into Your New Practice After Residency • Optimizing the Role of Nursing Staff to Enhance Physician Productivity • Coding Q&A • Practice Pearls • HITIOS

September/October 2013 - Medical Volunteer Work
Practical Realities of Doing Volunteer Medical Work in the Developing World • Working With International Populations • The Sunshine Act • Three Building Blocks for Improving Access to Care • Practice Transformation • App Review: iGeriatrics • Coding Q&A • Practice Pearls • Seven Essential Relationships in Health Care

November/December 2013 - ICD-10
Getting Ready for ICD-10: How It Will Affect Your Documentation • How to Survive an EHR Meaningful Use Audit • Integrating Small Groups to Preserve Independent Practice • Care Coordinators in Primary Care: A Case Study • Coding Q&A • Practice Pearls • App Review • Getting Through to Your Patients