ICD-9 Coding Tools From FPM

Family Practice Management offers the following tools to help with your ICD-9 coding. Each has been updated to incorporate the ICD-9 codes that went into effect Oct. 1, 2011. ICD-9 codes are no longer being updated, pending the move to ICD-10.

ICD-9 Changes

Read the FPM article summarizing the most recent ICD-9 changes that most affect family physicians.

FPM Short List

This two-page list of about 600 codes is a popular FPM resource. It replaces ICD-9 descriptors with problem-oriented descriptors of conditions common in family medicine. The 100 codes that are preceded by a red arrow have been identified by the list authors as especially common in family medicine. The FPM Short List is available in two formats:

Download: PDF(2 page PDF) | Excel(97 KB XLS)

FPM Long List

This list of about 1,500 codes common in family medicine expands on the FPMShort List to include a wider range of four-digit and five-digit codes. It also includes more codes useful for hospital care. The FPM Long List is also available in two formats:

Download: PDF(4 page PDF) | Excel(187 KB XLS)

The FPM Superbill

Download: PDF(2 page PDF) | Excel(1 MB XLS)