Primary Care for the 21st Century: Ensuring a Quality Physician-Led Team for Every Patient

Releases and Statements

  • AAFP Cautions Against Stop-Gap Efforts to Solve Primary Care Shortage

    The U.S. health care system can meet the nation’s need for primary care providers by fully implementing physician-led patient-centered medical homes, according to a new report released today by the American Academy of Family Physicians. The report, “Primary Care for the 21st Century,” lays out the research that supports team-based care and its ability to transform primary care in the United States. It focuses on the need for this team-based approach to improve quality and cost efficiency in the American health care system.

  • American Medicine Voices Support for AAFP Report on Physician-Led, Team-Based Care

    America’s top medical organizations have voiced their support for a new report saying the U.S. health care system can meet the nation’s demand for primary care by fully implementing the physician-led patient centered medical home.


Policies and Guidelines