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* Freelance writers must submit a letter of assignment or letter of intent from the media outlet being represented. Letters can be e-mailed from assigning editor to Barbara Kowalski at or faxed to 913-906-6089.

Please review the All Event Media Guidelines prior to registering for this meeting.

Note: Media attending the AAFP Scientific Assembly are allowed to enter strictly for viewing/reporting purposes only. The soliciting of exhibitors and/or physicians is strictly prohibited. Any company or publication representative that solicits exhibitors or physicians will be considered in violation of AAFP rules and regulations. If such a violation occurs, the representative's company will not be allowed to attend, in any capacity, future AAFP meetings. The AAFP reserves the sole right to determine if a violation has occurred and to remove the solicitors and/or their company from the exhibit floor. Exhibitors and physicians have been asked to inform the convention staff of any solicitations they receive.