Pre-Med Advisors

Do any of your pre-med students know what kind of specialty they want to choose after medical school?

Many already do. In fact, data tells us that many students who choose family medicine have decided upon the specialty before medical school. Are you advising them on their options for medical schools that support student choice of primary care?

Download the Pre-Admissions Guide(36 page PDF).

What you should know as an advisor

Stats about the 2011 family medicine residents:

  • Medical school graduates from publicly funded medical schools (9.9%) were more likely to be first-year family medicine residents than were residents from privately funded schools (6%).
  • Mountain (12.6%) and West North Central (11.9%) regions reported the highest percentage of medical school graduates who were first-year residents in family medicine programs.
  • New England (5.7%) and Middle Atlantic (5.4%) regions reported the lowest percentages.
  • Approximately two in five of the medical school graduates (45.9%) entering a family medicine residency program as first-year residents entered a program in the same state where they graduated from medical school.