How FMIGs Can Collaborate with Other Groups on Campus

Students involved in a Family Medicine Interest Groups can benefit from sharing events and efforts with other groups on campus that promote primary care.

Collaborating with the Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

Among the national partners of the AAFP is the Student National Medical Association( (SNMA). The organizations are partnering to bring local and national visibility to students interested in family medicine. A unique collaboration now exists to encourage FMIGs and SNMA chapters to partner in primary care and family medicine events.

The mission of this partnership is:

  • To facilitate communication, awareness and participation in events and opportunities of the AAFP and SNMA.
  • To increase the effectiveness of FMIG and SNMA chapter activities through greater collaboration between local chapters.
  • To promote student interest in family medicine and build a strong primary care workforce for the future.
  • To highlight family medicine as a specialty uniquely suited to care for medically underserved populations.
  • To encourage students from minority backgrounds to consider family medicine and to pursue AAFP leadership opportunities at local and national levels.

If you have questions about this collaboration, or want to tell us how your FMIG collaborates with members of your school's SNMA chapter, contact James Lee, the AAFP student liaison to the SNMA.

Collaborating with the American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

National Primary Care Week

Each year the American Medical Student Association (AMSA)( and sponsoring organizations work together to organize National Primary Care Week (NPCW). NPCW is typically held during the second week of October.

Students from various health professions, not just medicine, are encouraged to participate and take advantage of networking opportunities and improving their understanding of primary care and its broader impact on communities. Through NPCW community service events, students can get involved in the political process by encouraging funding for community health centers and coverage for the uninsured.

Interested but need help funding an event? AMSA offers microgrants for NPCW programs. Check out AMSA's National Primary Care Week( page for information about this grant and for a suggested list of programs.


Opportunities for Creating Shared Events

SNMA chapters and FMIGs have the opportunity to host a number of events together. Throughout the year, monthly health-related themes (e.g., National Nutrition Month, National Primary Care Week, etc.) can easily be incorporated into events sponsored by both groups. Some ideas are:

  • October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. You can help “Shine the Light on Domestic Violence” in your school by having Domestic Violence Awareness workshops collaborating with local domestic violence organizations, other organizations to present the cultural aspects of domestic violence (e.g. SNMA, APAMSA) or by simply having everyone in your FMIG wear purple clothing or pins for a day or week. For more information, visit the Domestic Violence Awareness Project(
  • For February's Black History Month, profile African American leaders in family medicine, or invite such local leaders to present a lecture on a health topic pertinent to your community.
  • Conduct a programming session on cultural competency among health care professionals.
  • Host a local health fair.