National Primary Care Week (NPCW)

Ways to Advocate

  • Contact your state chapter for opportunities to advocate in your community
  • Make your voice heard with pre-written letters to Congress using AAFP Speak Out

October 6-10, 2014

National Primary Care Week (NPCW)( is an annual event sponsored by the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). NPCW aims to connect health care professionals across the country and call attention to the importance of primary care in the health care system. The theme for NPCW 2014 is "We Are Not Yet Equal: Primary Care Advocacy for Underserved and Marginalized Communities."

This week is observed on medical school campuses through programming and opportunities for medical students and other health trainees to learn about, experience, and spread awareness of primary care’s pivotal role in the U.S. health care system.

Students are encouraged to participate and take advantage of opportunities to network and improve the understanding of primary care and its impact on communities. Student interest groups, including Family Medicine Interest Groups (FMIGs), should take a lead role in providing opportunities for students on their campus in observation of NPCW. The AAFP, which facilitates the FMIG Network, is a NPCW supporting partner.

How to Get Started

  • Pick your date: If October 6-10 isn’t ideal for your campus, celebrate NPCW when it would have the biggest impact.
  • Contact your AMSA chapter and other campus groups to see if they'd like to collaborate on an event.
  • Choose your programming.
  • Apply for funding.

Programming Ideas

  • Watch a webinar on rural primary care( featuring AAFP President-Elect Robert Wergin, MD, and check out the full schedule of webinars( during NPCW.
  • Organize events on your medical school campus that focus on primary care and that define and highlight family medicine’s key role.
  • Use the AAFP's "Your Future is Family Medicine" presentation materials as the framework for a program at your school.
  • Update your FMIG members on health care reform:
  • Use the AAFP's Patient-Centered Medical Home presentation materials and resources to share more about this model of health care delivery and practice management with your fellow students. The materials include:
  • Get involved in the political process by encouraging funding for community health centers and coverage for the uninsured. Consider community service activities that support community health centers and get your FMIG members involved.
  • Check out AMSA's NPCW page( for sample programming menu abstracts, become a NPCW coordinator, and use the student leader resource center.
  • Watch the webinar "Choose Primary Care,"( featuring AAFP President Dr. Reid Blackwelder.
    Show the presentation at an FMIG meeting and learn about a career in family medicine, including:
    • What family medicine is and what family physicians do
    • How family medicine differs from other specialties
    • How family physicians are trained
    • The lifestyle of a family physician
    • The importance of primary care to the health of the country and its role in health care reform

    Please note: the webinar takes a full hour and requires Java.

  • Glean programming ideas from an example National Primary Care Week schedule(499 KB PDF) from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio FMIG.
  • Scan winning applications from the AAFP's Program of Excellence Awards for programming examples from other FMIGs.

Funding Ideas

  • If your FMIG applies early for the AAFP/AAFP Foundation FMIG Funding Initiative, you may receive your funds before NPCW. If not, your NPCW events may qualify your FMIG for the grant.