Communication Tools for FMIGs

Communicating with your classmates and faculty is key to having a successful FMIG. One FMIG saw their membership grow just by advertising events two weeks in advance and having their events at the same place and at the same time every month. Another FMIG sent text messages to members to remind them about upcoming meetings and events.

Spreading the Word on Campus

  • Check to see if your school’s e-mail system allows class-wide or school-wide e-mails. This is a great way to advertise your programming and meetings.
  • Use school bulletin boards for posters and postcards. You can request free postcards and posters from the AAFP.
  • Set up a website or a blog to communicate with members and potential members. Many platforms are free.
  • Advertise your meetings and events in student newsletters. Some schools have weekly e-mail newsletters that are sent to all students.

Additional Communication Tools

FMIG Network Online Communities

In addition to communicating with students through conferences, email and handouts, the AAFP also hosts five regional online communities specifically for FMIG members and student leaders. 

Join your region’s community to:

  • Stay updated on important news and events from the AAFP and your regional coordinator.
  • Ask questions.
  • Contribute to discussions.
  • Get ideas and inspiration from other FMIGs in your region.

FMIG on Social Media

Connect with the FMIG Network and interact with other family medicine students and AAFP leaders.

Family Medicine Handouts and Brochures

The AAFP has a variety of family medicine handouts and brochures that FMIGs can use to promote the specialty and their student group. These are great for student organization fairs or for introducing new students to the group.

View the list of handouts & brochures »

Regional Coordinators and National Coordinator

Your regional coordinator is a great resource for information about the AAFP and FMIG Network. Don’t hesitate to contact any Regional Coordinator about programming ideas, FMIG events or other questions you may have about your FMIG.

Get to know the FMIG Network »

FMIG logo

FMIG Logo Guidelines

The AAFP has created a customizable logo for your FMIG to use for creating posters, banners, t-shirts and more.

View the FMIG Logo Guidelines »(1 page PDF)

To obtain an EPS file of the logo for design and printing, email Sam Carlson at

Other FMIGs

Contact your Regional Coordinator to connect with specific FMIGs in your area. If you’d like to plan a regional event, the FMIG Regional Listservs are a great way to communicate your event and find other interested FMIGs.

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