Family Medicine On Air

Family Medicine On Air is a series of live social media events that gives medical students across the country a chance to learn about hot topics in health care from family medicine leaders -- all in 15 minutes or less. Each episode streams live on Google Plus and YouTube and is archived so that you can view it later or even stream to share with your medical student colleagues at an FMIG event.

Episode 1: "What Med Students Need to Know About the Patient-Centered Medical Home"

Join AAFP President Reid Blackwelder, MD, as he discusses what you need to know about the patient-centered medical home model and how it provides comprehensive primary care for all patients.

Supplemental Resources

  • "How PCMH Is My Clinic?" activity for FMIGs(2 page PDF). This worksheet can be used to aid discussion about what elements of the patient-centered medical home medical students have witnessed or worked with during their clinical experiences, and the benefits to patient care, lowering cost, and health outcomes from those practices. Combine the Family Medicine On Air episode on PCMH with this activity for a complete FMIG event--just add your own food!
  • Learn more about the patient-centered medical home and access a PowerPoint presentation and handout from the AAFP to use in your FMIG programming

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Archived Episodes

Access archived episodes on the FMIG Network YouTube channel(

  • Pilot:( Dr. Blackwelder answers students’ questions on topics such as direct primary care and patient satisfaction metrics, and offers advice to students who are interested in family medicine.