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Webinar: The Science of Personal Finance for Med Students

Thursday, October 26, 12-1 p.m. CT

Think USMLE exams and personal finance have nothing to do with each other? Think again.

Join the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Association of American Medical Colleges to learn how medical science and personal finance share core lessons.

Learn how to manage A1C levels and your credit! Understand the time value of money so you will be ready to make financial decisions now, instead of when it's too late. Hear real-world examples, including that of Dr. Michael Lovelace, a family medicine resident with an MBA who has become an expert on managing student debt.

About this collaboration

As advocates for affordable medical education, the AAMC has developed a number of money management tools for students. These resources are aimed at helping all future physicians get the most out of their significant investment in medical school. Although the cost of this education is high, you can feel confident about your decision to pursue a career in medicine. The AAMC’s perspective as experts in paying for medical school complements the AAFP’s message about the immeasurable rewards of caring for patients as a family physician.