“Throw Back Thursday” AAFP style

“Throw Back Thursday” AAFP style

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Photo #2

From 1974 until 1983, the staff of the AAFP Division of Education answered calls on the Academy’s “Hot Line” to help unmatched students and residents find first-year family practice residency positions. In its last year, the “Hot Line” handled approximately 1,200 calls in a four day period.

Today, the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program®(SOAP®) is a National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®) run program that takes place during Match Week to match any unfilled residency positions with unmatched applicants. The SOAP requires the exclusive use of the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®) by both applicants and programs during Match Week to express preferences and make/receive offers for unfilled positions.

2017 NRMP Match Highlights

  • 3,237 medical students and graduates matched to family medicine residency programs in 2017, the most in family medicine’s history as a specialty.
  • Of those matches, 1,530positions were filled with U.S. Seniors, 810 fewer than the historical peak (2,340 in 1997).
  • Family medicine offered 3,378positions, 118 more than 2016.
  • This is the eighth straight yearthat the family medicine match rate climbed year-over-year.

Photo #1

This photo is of the first Board of Directors that served from 1947-49. Mac F. Cahal, JD was the first executive for the AAGP and was hired in November of 1947. Cahal was given a five-year contract that ran from January 1949 through December of 1953. His annual salary was $20,000, plus other benefits.

Seated left to right:

Mac F. Cahal, JD, Executive Secretary, Kansas City, Missouri; Ulrich R. Bryner, MD, Treasurer, Salt Lake City, Utah; Paul A. Davis, MD, President, Akron, Ohio; Elmer C. Texter, MD, Vice President, Detroit, Michigan; and Stanley R. Truman, MD, Secretary, Oakland, California.

2nd Row:

George Marchmont-Robinson, MD, Director 1947-50, Chicago, Illinois; Holland T. Jackson, MD, Director 1947-51, Fort Worth, Texas; Robert C. McElvain, MD, Director 1947-50, St. Louis, Missouri; F.G. Benn, MD, Director 1947-49, Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Lester D. Bibler, MD, Director 1947-49, Indianapolis, Indiana.

3rd Row:

Robert M. Lemmon, MD, Director 1947-51, Akron, Ohio; Arch Walls, MD, Director 1947-51, Detroit, Michigan; Jason P. Sanders, MD, Director 1947-49, Shreveport, Louisiana; and D.G. Miller, Jr., MD, Director 1947-50, Morgantown, Kentucky.

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