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AAFP Joins Push Against Greater Authority for APRNs in VA Facilities

Proposed Rule Would Undermine Physician-led, Team-based Care

07/26/2016 — Dozens of medical organizations, including the AAFP, are pushing back against a proposal by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that would allow nurses to practice independently inside VA facilities.

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Proposed Medicare Fee Schedule Emphasizes Primary Care's Value

AAFP Summarizes Elements Critical to Family Physicians

07/18/2016 — The AAFP has summarized for family physicians key points of the recently released 2017 proposed Medicare physician fee schedule.

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07/15/2016 — The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is seeking to expand the scope of practice for advanced practice registered nurses in VA facilities by granting them independent practice authority.

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07/15/2016 — The Senate has joined the House in adopting the conference report on the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 by an overwhelming margin; the measure now heads to the president's desk.

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