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05/15/2017 — The AAFP and five other frontline physician groups met recently with senators and legislative staff to raise a red flag about serious flaws in the American Health Care Act.

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05/04/2017 — The AAFP was disappointed by the House vote to pass the American Health Care Act and now will focus on helping the Senate improve the U.S. health care system.

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04/28/2017 — The AAFP and five other physician organizations sent House leaders a letter on April 26 to oppose reported compromises in proposed health care legislation.

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AAFP, Other Groups Push to Maintain Funding for Affordable Insurance

Letters to President, Congress Call for Continuing to Fund Cost-sharing Assistance

04/14/2017 — A coalition of organizations that includes the AAFP is pressing Congress and the White House to maintain federal funding that enables millions of Americans to obtain affordable health insurance.

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