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08/27/2014 — A CMS spokesperson has confirmed that about one-third of the data collected for publication as part of the agency's Open Payments transparency program will not be published until 2015. The move is intended to ensure the data's integrity.

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VA Adds Primary Care to Contract Program for Veterans' Health

Move Follows AAFP Advocacy to Facilitate Access to Civilian Physicians

08/16/2014 — The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced this week it is adding primary care to a list of contracted medical services that can be provided at non-VA facilities as part of the Veterans Health Administration's Patient-Centered Community Care program.

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Open Payments Registration System Reopens for Business

CMS Extends Deadline for Physician Review, Correction of Data

08/15/2014 — CMS announced Aug. 15 that the physician registration system associated with its Open Payments transparency program had reopened for business after a temporary shutdown to address a technical problem.

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