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MU Hardship Exception Application Process, Round Two

AAFP Promises Followup Questions

01/26/2016 — CMS recently announced approval of a simplified application process for physicians to apply for meaningful use hardship exemptions.

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01/21/2016 — The AAFP recently wrote a detailed letter to CMS that emphasized the importance of creating guidelines for federal exchanges that ensure access to primary care.

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AAFP Works to Ensure Patient Access to Medicaid

Enhanced Physician Payment Key to Success

01/19/2016 — As part of its ongoing efforts to safeguard patients' access to Medicaid services, the AAFP recently told CMS that enhanced physician payment is a key priority.

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Meaningful Use Program Officially Shelved

AAFP Cautiously Optimistic About CMS Announcement

01/14/2016 — The AAFP has responded to a surprise announcement by CMS that the agency is ending the meaningful use program.

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