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VA Adds Primary Care to Contract Program for Veterans' Health

Move Follows AAFP Advocacy to Facilitate Access to Civilian Physicians

August 16, 2014 11:19 am — The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced this week it is adding primary care to a list of contracted medical services that can be provided at non-VA facilities as part of the Veterans Health Administration's Patient-Centered Community Care program.

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Open Payments Registration System Reopens for Business

CMS Extends Deadline for Physician Review, Correction of Data

08/15/2014 — CMS announced Aug. 15 that the physician registration system associated with its Open Payments transparency program had reopened for business after a temporary shutdown to address a technical problem.

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CMS' Open Payments System Temporarily Shut Down

Physician 'Review and Dispute' Timeline Unclear

08/13/2014 — CMS has temporarily disabled a physician portal associated with its Open Payments transparency program to address a problem that could compromise physician data.

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Veterans to Get Expanded Access to Primary Care Physicians

Legislation Extends VA Coverage to Include Civilian FPs When Needed

08/06/2014 — The House and Senate have passed -- and the president is expected to sign -- legislation that would expand medical access for veterans who struggle to secure appointments at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs facilities.

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