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03/28/2017 — Preliminary tuberculosis (TB) surveillance data for 2016 indicate that despite slight declines in TB case numbers and rates in the United States since 2015, more needs to be done to eliminate the disease.

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NIH Unveils New Dietary Supplements Webpage for Clinicians

AAFP Offers Additional Resources on Dietary Supplementation

03/23/2017 — NIH's Office of Dietary Supplements has created a new webpage for health care professionals that features up-to-date, evidence-based information on supplements they can use during discussions with patients, colleagues and students.

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Extended In-office BP Monitoring Could Reduce Hypertension Overtreatment

Family Physician Calls for New BP Monitoring Standards, Protocols

03/22/2017 — A study recently published in Annals of Family Medicine found automated office blood pressure monitoring for 30 minutes may dramatically reduce overtreatment of patients with white-coat hypertension.

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New Health Group Pledges to Fight Climate Change Threats

AAFP Joins Launch of Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health Campaign

03/20/2017 — A new advocacy group that includes the AAFP and other primary care organizations has pledged to counter the growing public health threats of climate change.

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