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Help Your Patients Prepare for a Safe Summer

AAFP Resource Offers Tips for Hydration, Sun Protection and Pool Safety

05/21/2015 — The AAFP has created a summer safety resource family physicians can use to remind patients to stay hydrated, use proper sun protection, and be safe in and around the pool.

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FDA Denies R.J. Reynolds Request to Weaken Smokeless Tobacco Warning

AAFP Among Groups That Advocated Against the Change

05/20/2015 — On May 11, the FDA denied a petition from tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds that had asked for a change in smokeless tobacco warnings; the AAFP and like-minded groups had advocated vigorously against the change.

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Study Suggests Teen Alcohol Use Can Lead to Adult Brain Abnormalities

Second Study Says Binge Drinking Up, Especially Among Women

05/15/2015 — A recent study sought to examine how teen alcohol use can lead to brain abnormalities in adulthood; a second study demonstrated how binge drinking has increased across the United States, led by higher rates of drinking among women.

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Change Obesity Narrative, Policy, Say Panelists

Reducing Stigma About Condition Can Improve Treatment, Coverage Decisions

05/13/2015 — Individuals who have weight problems are contributing to rising medical costs, a problem that physicians and major insurers such as Medicare are struggling to address directly.

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