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AAFP Weighs In on NIH's Draft National Pain Strategy

Academy Strongly Supports More Physician Education on Pain Treatment

May 22, 2015 05:17 pm — In response to NIH's request for comments on a draft National Pain Strategy document developed by the Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee, the AAFP expressed support for the draft document and the need for additional voluntary education and training to help physicians better treat their patients' pain.

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Help Your Patients Prepare for a Safe Summer

AAFP Resource Offers Tips for Hydration, Sun Protection and Pool Safety

05/21/2015 — The AAFP has created a summer safety resource family physicians can use to remind patients to stay hydrated, use proper sun protection, and be safe in and around the pool.

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FDA Denies R.J. Reynolds Request to Weaken Smokeless Tobacco Warning

AAFP Among Groups That Advocated Against the Change

05/20/2015 — On May 11, the FDA denied a petition from tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds that had asked for a change in smokeless tobacco warnings; the AAFP and like-minded groups had advocated vigorously against the change.

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Study Suggests Teen Alcohol Use Can Lead to Adult Brain Abnormalities

Second Study Says Binge Drinking Up, Especially Among Women

05/15/2015 — A recent study sought to examine how teen alcohol use can lead to brain abnormalities in adulthood; a second study demonstrated how binge drinking has increased across the United States, led by higher rates of drinking among women.

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Change Obesity Narrative, Policy, Say Panelists

Reducing Stigma About Condition Can Improve Treatment, Coverage Decisions

05/13/2015 — Individuals who have weight problems are contributing to rising medical costs, a problem that physicians and major insurers such as Medicare are struggling to address directly.

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