AAFP In the News

The AAFP frequently is contacted to provide information for articles in the consumer and trade press. The following is a sampling of such mentions for the past six months.

[AAFP In The News]


1/31/14 -- DoctorsLounge
"AAP Approves Childhood Immunization Schedules for 2014"(www.doctorslounge.com)

1/29/14 -- The Wall Street Journal
"Shorter Waits for Doctor's Appointments -- For Now"(www.marketwatch.com)

1/27/14 -- The Washington Post
"The Shared Medical Appointment: Efficient for Doctors, but is it Good for You?"(www.washingtonpost.com)

1/24/14 -- World
"Family Docs: Lung Cancer Screening Advice is a Bad Prescription"(www.worldmag.com)

1/22/14 -- Medical Xpress
"Insufficient Evidence for Low-dose CT Lung CA Screening"(medicalxpress.com)

1/21/14 -- Medscape (free subscription required)
"Top 5 Pain Interventions to Avoid"(www.medscape.com)

1/21/14 -- Modern Healthcare
"Risk of Suicide, Homicide Associated With Access to Guns, Study Finds"(www.modernhealthcare.com)

1/21/14 -- MPR
"AAFP: Insufficient Evidence for Low-Dose CT Lung CA Screening"(www.empr.com)

1/19/14 -- My SA
"Don't Like Your Doctor? How to Make a Clean Break"(www.mysanantonio.com)

1/15/14 -- Family Practice News
"Rural Coverage a Key to Meeting Primary Care Demand"(www.familypracticenews.com)

1/15/14 -- Medpage Today
"Pay and Practice: Are Neurologists Primary Care Docs?"(www.medpagetoday.com)

1/14/14 -- The Stir
"10 Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding"(thestir.cafemom.com)

1/13/14 -- The Wall Street Journal
"Will February at Doctor be Like January at Gym?"(www.marketwatch.com)

1/13/14 -- The Washington Post
"How to Fire Your Doctor. Rule One: Make Sure You Have Another One Lined Up First"(www.washingtonpost.com)

1/7/14 -- MPR
"AAFP Backs FDA Tentative Trans Fats Determination"(www.empr.com)

1/2/14 -- HealthData Management
"Doctors Ask for Longer Medicaid Primary Care Payment Hike"(www.healthdatamanagement.com)


11/27/13 -- Medpage Today
"White House Talks ACA With Docs, Nurses"(www.medpagetoday.com)

11/27/13 -- Kaiser Health News
"Doctors Groups Share Concerns About Narrow Networks, Confusion With White House"(capsules.kaiserhealthnews.org)

11/25/13 -- Wall Street Journal
"Doctors: New Health Care Plans Raise Red Flags"(blogs.wsj.com)

11/25/13 -- Forbes
"When Will The Government Start Forcing Doctors To See Obamacare Patients?"(www.forbes.com)

11/25/13 -- KevinMD.com
"AAFP: The Right Care by the Right Provider is More Important Than Ever"(www.kevinmd.com)

11/20/13 -- Medscape (free subscription required)
"Is Patient Loyalty Dead?"(www.medscape.com)

11/20/13 -- Medscape (free subscription required)
"Are Docs Helping Patients With Insurance Exchanges? Survey Results"(www.medscape.com)

11/19/13 -- Courier Journal
"Choosing Wisely"(www.courierjournal.net)

11/18/13 -- Medpage Today
"SGR Repeal Bill Still Gets AMA Support"(www.medpagetoday.com)

11/18/13 -- MPR
"AAFP Creates Map of Medicaid Parity Provision Implementation"(www.empr.com)

11/14/13 -- FloridaToday.com
"The Over-prescribing of Antibiotics"(www.floridatoday.com)

11/14/13 -- Healthcare Finance News
"Short Supply of Specialists Forecast"(www.healthcarefinancenews.com)

11/11/13 -- Modern Healthcare (free subscription required)
"Reform Update: States Make Progress in Medicaid Parity Payments"(www.modernhealthcare.com)

11/11/13 -- Forbes
"Great News For Guys: No More Invasive Prostate Exams!"(www.forbes.com)

11/9/13 -- Deseret News
"Record Med School Enrolls, but Numbers Will Barely Put a Dent on Country's Needs"(www.deseretnews.com)

11/8/13 -- Family Practice News
"What’s Coming Through the Door? Prepping for New ACA Patients"(www.familypracticenews.com)

11/6/13 -- Newswise
"Distinctive New Pre-Med Program Addresses Nationwide Primary Care Shortage"(www.newswise.com)

11/6/13 -- The Washington Post
"AMA Panel Takes Steps Toward More Transparency"(www.washingtonpost.com)

11/4/13 -- Modern Healthcare (free registration required)
"AMA's RUC Panel to Provide Minutes in Limited Transparency Move"(www.modernhealthcare.com)

11/4/13 -- NBC News
"Demand for Doctors Will Grow as Population in US Ages"(www.nbcnews.com)

11/1/13 -- Dermatology Times
"RUC Flawed but Functional"(dermatologytimes.modernmedicine.com)


10/28/13 -- Family Practice News
"AAFP Votes to Ban Energy Drink Sales to Kids"(www.familypracticenews.com)

10/27/13 -- Pacific News Center
"GMA: Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced Without Input From Majority of Medical Community"(www.pacificnewscenter.com)

10/26/13 -- Marshall Independent
"A Second Look at the 'Choosing Wisely' Recommendations"(www.marshallindependent.com)

10/25/13 -- DoctorsLounge
"Less Than Half of Family Med Residents From LCME Schools"(www.doctorslounge.com)

10/25/13 -- Family Practice News
"Physicians Alarmed by High Rate of Medicare Claims Denied in Error"(www.familypracticenews.com)

10/25/13 -- MyChamplainValley.com
"VT Health Department Urging Testing for Childhood Lead Poisoning"(www.mychamplainvalley.com)

10/25/13 -- ThinkProgress
"Obamacare Got Some Promising News From The Medical Community Today"(thinkprogress.org)

10/24/13 -- Medscape (free subscription required)
"Who Are the Primary Care Providers?"(www.medscape.com)

10/20/13 -- USA Today
"Health Law's Impact on Doctors Remains Unclear"(www.usatoday.com)

10/16/13 -- MPR
"Medicare, Medicaid Will Be Affected by Federal Debt Default"(www.empr.com)

10/14/13 -- Physicians News Digest
"Medical Society Urges Congress to Resolve Shutdown"(www.physiciansnews.com)

10/10/13 -- The Clinical Advisor
"AAFP: Govt Shutdown Poses Public Health Risks"(www.clinicaladvisor.com)

10/9/13 -- MPR
"AAFP Urges Congress to End Government Shutdown"(www.empr.com)

10/9/13 -- Medical Xpress
"AAFP Urges Congress to End Federal Government Shutdown"(medicalxpress.com)

10/8/13 -- Family Practice News
"What You Need to Know About Health Insurance Exchanges"(www.familypracticenews.com)

10/8/13 -- The Times and Democrat.com
"Doctors Ignore Advice on Antibiotics"(thetandd.com)

10/7/13 -- Medpage Today
"USPSTF: Info Lacking for Kids' BP Screening"(www.medpagetoday.com)

10/3/13 -- Contra Costa Times
"Doctors Ignore Advice on Sore Throats, Bronchitis"(www.contracostatimes.com)

10/3/13 -- Medscape (free subscription required)
"Advice Conflicts on Hormone Protocols for Transsexuals"(www.medscape.com)

10/2/13 -- Clinical Psychiatry News
"Checklist Increased Physician Confidence in Using Opiates to Manage Chronic Pain"(www.clinicalpsychiatrynews.com)

10/2/13 -- Epoch Times
"It's Hard Out There for a Doctor"(www.theepochtimes.com)

10/2/13 -- Family Practice News
"Survey: EHR Use Cuts Into Resident Education, Productivity"(www.familypracticenews.com)

10/2/13 -- Fox2 News St. Louis
"Doctor Shortage, Increased Demand Could Crash Health Care System"(fox2now.com)

10/2/13 -- Seward County Independent
"Wergin Chosen as AAFP President-elect"(www.sewardindependent.com)

10/1/13 -- Family Practice News
"For Patients, It’s All About the White Coat"(www.familypracticenews.com)

10/1/13 -- Fox News
"Physicians Prepare to Deal with Increased Demand, Strain on Practices Under Obamacare"(www.foxnews.com)

10/1/13 -- Medscape (free subscription required)
"Residents Learn From Fall-Prevention Program"(www.medscape.com)

10/1/13 -- MPR
"AAFP Adds Five More Choosing Wisely Recommendations"(www.empr.com)


9/30/13 -- Medpage Today
"Patient-Centered Practices Can Save Docs $$$"(www.medpagetoday.com)

9/29/13 -- Medpage Today
"Transgender Healthcare Still Lags"(www.medpagetoday.com)

9/28/13 -- DailyRx
"What Medical Procedures Are Necessary?"(www.dailyrx.com)

9/28/13 -- Medpage Today
"Concierge Medicine Gains Ground"(www.medpagetoday.com)

9/27/13 -- Family Practice News
"Are Doctors ‘Gaming’ the Incentive Programs? CMS Wants to Know"(www.familypracticenews.com)

9/27/13 -- FierceHealthcare
"Healthcare Reform Outreach Groups Enlist Physicians to Help Enroll Patients"(www.fiercehealthcare.com)

9/27/13 -- Medpage Today
"Family Docs Worried About Payment Reform"(www.medpagetoday.com)

9/27/13 -- Medpage Today
"New Codes Little Help in Raising Pay, FP Charges"(www.medpagetoday.com)

9/27/13 -- Medscape (free subscription required)
"The ACA and Primary Care: The View From AAFP"(www.medscape.com)

9/26/13 -- HispanicBusiness.com
TransforMED Celebrates Membership Milestone for Delta-Exchange Learning Community with New Social Analytics, Topical Health Care Information Technology Zone(www.hispanicbusiness.com)

9/26/13 -- Medpage Today
"AAFP Delegates Talk Education, Workforce Issues"(www.medpagetoday.com)

9/26/13 -- Medpage Today
"Team-Based Care Doesn't Defuse Burnout"(www.medpagetoday.com)

9/25/13 -- Consumer Reports
"Think Twice About Prostate Cancer Screening"(www.consumerreports.org)

9/25/13 -- Medpage Today
"AAFP Says No to Energy Drink Samples for Kids"(www.medpagetoday.com)

9/25/13 -- Medpage Today
"AAFP to Look at Allowing NPs, PAs to Join"(www.medpagetoday.com)

9/25/13 -- Medscape (free subscription required)
"AAFP Releases Third Choosing Wisely List"(www.medscape.com)

9/21/13 -- Parade
"Stay Healthy: The Doctor Will See (All of) You Now"(www.parade.com)

9/20/13 -- Associations Now
"Family Physicians Embrace Credible Online Health Resources"(associationsnow.com)

9/17/13 -- Medscape (free subscription required)
"The Impending PCP Shortage: How Bad Is It?"(www.medscape.com)

9/13/13 -- iHealthBeat
"RWJF, Doctor Groups Weigh in on Releasing Medicare Payment Data"(www.ihealthbeat.org)

9/13/13 -- InformationWeek
"Doctors Propose 5 Changes To Meaningful Use Guidelines"(www.informationweek.com)

9/4/13 -- The Fiscal Times
"Are Doctors Really Ditching Medicare?"(www.thefiscaltimes.com)

9/4/13 -- PhysBizTech
"AAFP Airs Concerns About Initiative's New Guideline Protocol"(www.physbiztech.com)

9/3/13 -- Family Practice News
"CMS Reverses Course, Allows Modifier for Newborn Care"(www.familypracticenews.com)


8/28/13 -- Healthcare Technology Online
"4 Reasons To Delay Stage 2 MU"(www.healthcaretechnologyonline.com)

8/28/13 -- PhysBizTech
"Family Medicine Match Grows for Fourth Straight Year"(www.physbiztech.com)

8/27/13 -- Newsmax
"Doctor Shortage Set to Undermine Obamacare"(www.newsmax.com)

8/26/13 -- Fox News
"Retiring Doctors Mean Problems for Newly Insured Under ObamaCare"(www.foxnews.com)

8/26/13 -- Modern Healthcare (free registration required)
"Reform Update: Docs Receiving Enhanced Medicaid Managed-care Pay in Just Six States, AAFP Says"(www.modernhealthcare.com)

8/25/13 -- Medical Economics
"Learning to Make Quality Pay"(medicaleconomics.modernmedicine.com)

8/22/13 -- Kansas Health Institute
"Informed Physicians Key to Integrating Patient Care, Says Expert"(www.khi.org)

8/22/13 -- ThinkProgress
"More Medical Students Are Choosing To Become Family Doctors -- And That’s Good News For Obamacare"(thinkprogress.org)

8/20/13 -- California Healthline
"AAFP: 26 States Have Increased PCP Medicaid Reimbursement Rates"(www.californiahealthline.org)

8/20/13 -- Modern Healthcare Vital Signs Blog
"New Solutions to Primary-care Access Needed"(www.modernhealthcare.com)

8/19/13 -- The Clinical Advisory
"More NPs, PAs Choosing Subspecialty Practice"(www.clinicaladvisor.com)

8/19/13 -- HealthLeaders Media
"CMS Pays Primary Care Bonuses Amidst Bureaucracy"(www.healthleadersmedia.com)

8/19/13 -- Modern Healthcare (free registration required)
"Reform Update: Slow Start for Medicaid Fee-for-Service Rate Bump"(www.modernhealthcare.com)

8/16/13 -- Medpage Today
"NPs, PAs Trending Away from Primary Care"(www.medpagetoday.com)

8/16/13 -- Medscape Today (free registration required)
"Primary Care Shortage: NPs and PAs May Not Be the Answer"(www.medscape.com)

8/15/13 -- examiner.com
"California Nurse Practitioners Fighting to Independently Treat Patients"(www.examiner.com)

8/15/13 -- Health Data Management
"Family Docs Ask Feds to Extend Stage 2 of Meaningful Use by a Year"(www.healthdatamanagement.com)

8/14/13 -- Government Health IT
"AAFP Asks for MU Stage 2 Delay"(www.govhealthit.com)

8/14/13 -- iHealthBeat
"AAFP Seeks One-Year Delay for Meaningful Use Stage 2 Compliance"(www.ihealthbeat.org)

8/13/13 -- Medscape Today (free registration required)
"5 Risks of Being an Employed Doctor"(www.medscape.com)

8/12/13 -- San Antonio Express
"Sunshine Act Dawns to Record Doctor Wooing"(www.mysanantonio.com)

8/7/13 -- Time
"Need to See the Doctor? You May Have Company on Your Next Visit"(healthland.time.com)

8/6/13 -- HealthLeaders Media
"Physician Payments Sunshine Act Goes Into Effect Without Initial Concerns"(www.healthleadersmedia.com)

8/5/13 -- The Washington Post
"Physician Payments Sunshine Act Goes Into Effect Without Initial Concerns"(www.washingtonpost.com)

8/3/13 -- Global Indian
"RI Fifth Grader Wins Nat’l Anti-tobacco Poster Contest"(www.indiawest.com)

8/2/13 -- The Texas Tribune
"Hospital Lifts Ban on Non-Specialists Delivering Babies"(www.texastribune.org)

8/1/13 -- Huffington Post
"Doctors Readying For Obamacare's New Health Insurance Benefits"(www.huffingtonpost.com)

JULY 2013

7/31/13 -- Medscape Today (free subscription required)
"The Affordable Care Act -- An Update for Clinicians"(www.medscape.com)

7/30/13 -- Medpage Today
"'Sunshine-ing' on Docs Signals End to Pharma Largesse"(www.medpagetoday.com)

7/30/13 -- National Review Online
"If You’re on Medicare, the Doctor May Not See You Anymore"(www.nationalreview.com)

7/29/13 -- Medscape Today (free subscription required)
"Specialist Pay Based on Inflated AMA Numbers, Wash Post Says"(www.medscape.com)

7/29/13 -- Newsmax
"Obamacare Fallout: More Doctors Opting Out of Medicare"(www.newsmax.com)

7/29/13 -- Wall Street Journal
"More Doctors Steer Clear of Medicare"(stream.wsj.com)

7/25/13 -- Medical Economics
"Collaboration is the Key to Small Practice Survivial"(medicaleconomics.modernmedicine.com)

7/25/13 -- PhysBizTech
"Physician Payment Bill Attracts Support"(www.physbiztech.com)

7/24/13 -- Delaware Online
"Facing Barriers, Low-Income Patients Turn to Hospitals"(www.delawareonline.com)

7/24/13 -- Orthopedics Today
"Sports Medicine Groups Release Team Physician Consensus Statement"(www.healio.com)

7/23/13 -- CBS News
"Parents Turning to Clinics at Walgreens, CVS for Kids' Medical Care"(www.cbsnews.com)

7/23/13 -- Dallas/Fort Worth Healthcare Daily
"Health IT Implementation Reaches Plateau"(healthcare.dmagazine.com)

7/22/13 -- ModernHealthcare.com (free subscription required)
"Reform Update: Proposals Promote Medical Homes"(www.modernhealthcare.com)

7/19/13 -- Kansas City Infozine
"Team Physicians are Critical to Athlete Care and Team Success"(www.infozine.com)

7/18/13 -- DotMed Daily News
"Who Should Solve the Doctor Shortage?"(www.dotmed.com)

7/18/13 -- Medpage Today
"Turf War Continues Over Scope of Practice"(www.medpagetoday.com)

7/18/13 -- Philly.com
"Drug Stores May Answer the Primary Care Shortage"(www.philly.com)

7/17/13 -- Forbes
"Doctors Still Back Obamacare's Individual Mandate Despite Emboldened GOP"(www.forbes.com)

7/15/13 -- EHR Intelligence
"What is Driving the Drop in Meaningful Use Participation?"(ehrintelligence.com)

7/12/13 -- DoctorsLounge
"Patients Benefit From Primary Care Wellness Program"(www.doctorslounge.com)

7/12/13 -- Medical Economics
"Proposed Medicare Fee Schedule Adds New Primary Care Billing Codes for Telehealth, Preventive Care"(medicaleconomics.modernmedicine.com)

7/10/13 -- InformationWeek
"Healthcare Experts Watch For EHR Dropoff By Docs"(www.informationweek.com)

7/2/13 -- Dallas/Fort Worth Healthcare Daily
"Bipartisan Bill Aims to Lower Health Costs Associated With Obesity"(healthcare.dmagazine.com)

7/2/13 -- Medical Economics
"Primary Care Doctors Could See Scope of Care Decline With Rise of Retail Clinics"(medicaleconomics.modernmedicine.com)