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Osteoporosis, Women

The AAFP recommends screening for osteoporosis in women aged 65 years or older and in younger women whose fracture risk is equal to or greater than that of a 65-year old white woman who has no additional risk factors. A 65-year-old white woman with no other risk factors has a 9.3% 10-year risk for any osteoporotic fracture. (2011)

(Grade: B recommendation)
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The FRAX (Fracture Risk Assessment) tool), available at, can be used to estimate 10-year risks for fractures for all racial and ethnic groups in the United States. (2011)
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Osteoporosis, Men

The AAFP concludes that the current evidence is insufficient to assess the balance of benefits and harms of screening for osteoporosis in men. (2011)

(Grade: I Statement)
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