Global Health Mentoring Program

“Everything about this idea works. I've made an amazing connection for myself, as well as my residency program.”

— 2016-2016 Mentee

The Center of Global Health Initiatives’ (CGHI) Global Health Mentorship Program connects medical students and residents with experienced physicians who together share their passion for global family medicine. Students and residents interested in global health issues may struggle to find meaningful global health mentorship at their medical schools and residency programs. Therefore, the goal of this program is to provide the spark for a long-lasting relationship between a student or resident and a family medicine educator who has extensive global health experience. A student or resident (or a small group) is matched with an experienced physician or physicians based on geographic regions or areas of global health interest.  

“We have worked together and my mentee will be spending three visits on a special fellowship for faculty development in our department this next year.”

— 2015-2016 Mentor

The Global Health Mentorship Program is still in its early stages. Potential mentees have shown a high level of interest, so we are seeking experienced physicians to be mentors and grow the program. If you are a family medicine educator with global health experience, or a student or resident interested in finding a global health mentor, please apply by following the instructions below.

Apply Now

Who should apply

  • A family medicine educator wishing to mentor a student or resident through this program
  • Any student or resident in search of a global health mentor

How to apply

You may also sign up in person at the global health networking meeting at the AAFP National Conference (student and resident conference), or at the Family Medicine Global Health Workshop.