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  • Adult ADHD Screening

    A study to assess the interest and feasibility of screening for adult ADHD among family physicians.

  • Care Coordination - Enabled by Health IT

    Find out more information about this study to better understand the feasibility and perceived value of electronic health record (EHR) system functions that support care coordination.

  • Improving Management of Pain

    A demonstration project to refine and test implementation of opioid management tools currently used in primary care practice settings.

  • Management of Menopausal Symptoms

    The AAFP National Research Network Management of Menopausal Symptoms study aims to evaluate the impact of improved information collection and documentation of diagnosis of menopause or postmenopausal symptoms, and assess patient and provider satisfaction with the shared decision making process.

  • Pediatric Quality Measures

    A study to develop enhanced, evidence-based, well-specified and practical clinical quality measures that can be used to shape government policy, improve clinical practice and inform the decision-making process for physicians who care for children.