Americans In Motion--Healthy Interventions (AIM-HI)

The American Academy of Family Physicians initiative Americans In Motion–Healthy Interventions (AIM-HI) defines fitness as a combination of physical activity, healthy eating, and emotional well-being. Fitness is the treatment of choice for preventing and managing overweight, obesity, and many other chronic conditions. Through fitness education, physicians can encourage changes in patient behavior with the goal of better overall health.

Implement AIM-HI

Make fitness the treatment of choice in your practice. Download the AIM-HI Practice Manual(28 page PDF) to learn how to:

  • Foster a healthy office and develop a culture of fitness among your staff.
  • Integrate fitness into your practice by Implementing small changes to encourage your staff to make fitness the treatment of choice in your practice.
  • Work with your patients. Learn how to use the AIM-HI tools to help your patients improve their fitness level.

Find practical tips to help you implement AIM-HI in your practice.

AIM-HI has developed handouts that you can share with your patients to keep them on track between visits. View AIM-HI's printable, downloadable patient education handouts.


AIM-HI has revolutionized the way I practice. I now consider changes in fitness-related behaviors to be a first-line treatment for the majority of chronic diseases.

— Chester Fox, MD