Tobacco Prevention & Cessation

There's strong evidence that advice from a health care professional can more than double smoking cessation success rates. In an effort to support family physicians who are taking a frontline approach to helping tobacco users quit or avoid starting, the AAFP's provides two valuable resources: “Tar Wars” and “Ask and Act.”

Tar Wars” is a tobacco-free education program for fourth- and fifth-grade students. The goal of the program is to educate and motivate students to be tobacco free; mobilize health care professionals to become proactive in their community's health education; and encourage community involvement in support. Resources are available here for teachers as well as program coordinators and presenters.

"Ask and Act" encourages family physicians to ASK all patients about tobacco use, then to ACT to help them quit. Through this program, AAFP members have access to a variety of resources to help patients quit using tobacco. The materials are available to practices, residencies, family medicine departments, and AAFP constituent chapters to download or order. Resources include a practice toolkit, office resources, patient education materials, and information on payment for tobacco cessation counseling.

Learn more about Tar Wars
or become a Tar Wars presenter.

Learn more about Ask and Act or view Ask and Act resources for your practice.