The EveryONE Project

The Everyone Project - Advancing health equity in every community

Join the AAFP in the pursuit of health—for all.

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Good health isn’t solely about the care patients receive. Many social factors affect health outcomes, including economic stability, neighborhood and physical environment, education level, access to food and transportation, and social connections. Disparities in health create challenges for communities, patients, and family physicians alike. These factors are contributing to health inequities throughout America.

It’s time to find solutions.

The AAFP and its Center for Diversity and Health Equity are taking a leadership role in addressing diversity and social determinants of health as they impact individuals, families, and communities.

Family physicians are comprehensively trained and uniquely qualified to treat people of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The AAFP’s EveryONE Project is designed to help family physicians take action and confront health disparities head on.

We will work to close the health divide through four strategic priorities:

Workforce Development

We will increase diversity and pursue comprehensive representation in medical schools, residency programs, and the entire field of medicine.

Health in All Policies

We will advocate for policies and legislative efforts through a lens of seeking equal health for all communities, families, and individuals.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

We will form key partnerships with organizations and groups that share our values and fortify our fight to eliminate health inequities.

Evidence-based Knowledge

We will develop tools and share research findings to fill in knowledge gaps and raise awareness of issues surrounding social determinants of health.