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About the AAFP Proficiency Testing Program  

AAFP’s Proficiency Testing Program for office laboratories is a comprehensive program from a name you can trust.

Proficiency testing determines the performance of a laboratory for specific tests and is used to keep track of continuing performance.

Flexible and simple, AAFP-PT features:

  • Online access via PT Central
  • Three shipments per year (March, June, and October)
  • Full-service proficiency testing program
  • Excellent customer and technical service
  • Online reporting
  • Up to 12 hours CME credit for physicians and laboratory personnel
  • Cost savings and multiple site discounts
  • Waived registration fees for COLA-accredited laboratories
  • Automatic renewal option
  • Approved by CMS and COLA

A note about 2016 shipments:
Due to unforeseen delays in PT sample production and delivery, the 2016 shipment schedule has been revised as of July 2016.

View the full schedule below »

How to Order

New orders may be placed by completing the order form and submitting it by fax to (913) 906-6079 or email to pt@aafp.org.

The order form must be completed in its entirety to avoid a delay in processing. Please contact AAFP-PT if you need assistance with module selection or have questions about pricing.

To ensure sample availability, it is recommended that orders be placed by November 1 to enroll for the following year.

However, AAFP-PT accepts new orders at any time. Module prices will be prorated for partial year shipments, however, the annual registration fee is not prorated and is non-refundable.

Shipment Schedule

Shipments containing clinically relevant specimens and easy-to-follow instructions will be sent to your laboratory three times a year.

2016 Shipment Schedule

Please note: Due to unforeseen delays in PT sample production and delivery, the 2016 shipment schedule has been revised as of July 2016.

We will ship delayed kits as those specimens become available. Please do not request replacements for delayed samples.

PT Central Login

Log in to the AAFP-PT Online Access System (for US, Canada, and Bermuda participants).

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Email: pt@aafp.org
Phone: (800) 274-7911

Microscopy Atlas Now Available

The AAFP Physician's Office Microscopy Atlas is a must for provider-performed microscopy laboratories, and contains clinical association descriptions, exam procedures, and more than 150 photos.

Kit 2016-A (Revised)
First shipmentSecond shipment 
First shipment:

Ship date: April 18

Second shipment:

Ship date: June 27

First shipment: Last day for replacements: May 3Second shipment: Last day for replacements: July 13 
First shipment: Results deadline: May 6Second shipment: Results deadline: July 15
Kit 2016-B (Revised)
First shipmentSecond shipment
Third shipment
First shipment:

Ship date: June 20

Second shipment:

Ship date: July 25

Third shipment:

Ship date: August 8

First shipment: Last day for replacements: July 5
Second shipment: Last day for replacements: August 15Third shipment: Last day for replacements: August 15
First shipment: Results deadline: July 8
Second shipment: Results deadline: August 17Third shipment: Results deadline: August 17
Kit 2016-C
Kit 2016-C:

Ship date: October 3

Kit 2016-C: Last day for replacements: October 19  
Kit 2016-C: Results deadline: October 26  

If any of the specimens, results, or documents are not received, please notify AAFP-PT for assistance. When your proficiency testing specimens are received, please examine the kit for incomplete or damaged material and notify AAFP-PT if necessary. The event summary will be online approximately seven days after evaluations are released by accessing the PT Central page.

It is the participant’s responsibility to know when the kits are due to arrive. All modules will be sent together by an overnight shipping service; a signature of receipt will be required for delivery.

Remind the personnel in your office to refrigerate the kit upon receipt. A cold pack is included in the kit, but by the time you receive the kit, the cold pack will be thawed and the contents may be warm. This will not damage the manufactured specimens.

If you do not receive your kit within five days of the shipping date, please call AAFP-PT. We assume all kits arrive unless otherwise notified. We are unable to change the shipment dates, so if your office is scheduled to be closed when a kit is due to arrive, you will need to make delivery arrangements with the overnight shipping service.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing. Cancellation notices may be faxed to (913) 906-6079 or emailed to pt@aafp.org.

When a change involves deleting a module from your order, credit will be issued based on the number of shipments remaining in the program year.

Module cancellations must be received six weeks prior to the event ship date to receive credit for that event.

The annual registration fee is not prorated and is non-refundable. Credits will be applied to the following year's proficiency testing order. If no order is being placed for the next year, a refund check will be issued upon request at the end of the current program year.

Reinstatement/Off-schedule Orders

There is an option to continue testing after an unsuccessful PT performance. AAFP-PT can provide reinstatement samples for any regulated analytes as required by the CLIA '88 regulations. Samples can usually be shipped the same day as requested. Typical turn-around time for the evaluation process is seven to ten days.

We will also report your reinstatement testing results to CMS or COLA the same day you get your results. Everything you need to reestablish your lab proficiency is provided by our staff and assures continued patient testing services.

Pricing is based on a per-analyte basis. Call us for more information at (800) 274-7911.