AAFP-PT Advisory Committee

About the AAFP-PT Advisory Committee

While proficiency testing has been forced to assume an expanded role as a regulatory tool, it has always placed an emphasis on education as an opportunity for improvement. This concept dovetails effectively with the Academy's educational foundation and continued insistence that through educational endeavors, the family physician can maintain competency which assists in providing high quality medical care.

The formation of the AAFP-PT Advisory Committee is an advantageous and centralized method to provide the scientific input necessary in maintaining a proficiency testing program that meets both the educational needs of the laboratory and the requirements of the regulatory bodies.

This committee's functions are to assist in:

  • Providing technical, medical scientific, and laboratory advice
  • Determining the appropriateness and clinical relevancy of the proficiency testing specimen challenges
  • Determining specimen specifications
  • Recommending grading adaptations
  • Mediating warranted appeals from subscribers
  • Writing and editing scientific material distributed within the program, such as critiques, case histories, handbooks, and CME questions.

Committee Members

Paul Fischer, MD
Verlin Janzen, MD, FAAFP
Barbara Mitchell, MS, MT(ASCP)
Lisa Henderson, MPA, MT(ASCP), CLS(NCA)
Cheryl Murray, MPA, MT(ASCP)SM