AAFP/COLA Lab Partnership

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Phone: (800) 274-7911
Email: pt@aafp.org


The AAFP’s Laboratory Proficiency Testing program (AAFP-PT) is partners with COLA, a premier accreditationand education resource. This partnership allows AAFP members to receive discounts on COLA products and services.

This partnership will save your lab time and money by offering you proficiency testing and lab accreditation in one complete package. The AAFP-COLA Partnership is committed to giving you, as an AAFP member, the highest quality resources at competitive prices.

  • AAFP members save up to 15% by choosing COLA’s highly respected laboratory accreditation in lieu of CMS accreditation.
  • $75 AAFP-PT registration fee waived and multiple lab discounts available.
  • COLA covers any switching fees.
  • AAFP members will receive a group lab discount of $50 per facility when three or more laboratories enroll.
  • AAFP members receive 15% discount off COLA’s LabUniversity e-Learning courses and educational publications.
  • AAFP members receive COLA’s popular e-Learning course on Quality Assessment free as benefit of participating in lab partnership.
  • AAFP members receive 10% discount to attend COLA’s annual Physician Office Laboratory Symposium.

For more information about COLA, visit www.cola.org(www.cola.org) or call (800) 981-9883.