About the Kit

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Call AAFP-PT at (800) 274-7911.

About the AAFP-PT Kit

Replacement Specimens

If your kit has missing, leaking, or broken specimens, notify AAFP-PT immediately and request a replacement at no charge.

A limited amount of replacement specimens are also available for lab accidents, which is defined as anything that happens to a specimen, such as errors in reconstitution and dropping or spilling while being handled by lab personnel. There is a charge for these replacement specimens.

Participants may request replacement specimens by clicking on the “Replacements” link on the left side of their PT Central homepage:

  • Click “Add Replacement”
  • Select the sample identification number
  • Choose a reason code from the drop-down menu

Shipment/Result Due Date

It is the participant's responsibility to know when the kits are due to arrive. All modules will be sent together by an overnight shipping service; a signature of receipt will be required for delivery. Remind the personnel in your office to be on the lookout for the kit and to refrigerate it upon receipt.

A cold pack is included in the kit; by the time you receive the kit, the cold pack will be thawed and the contents may be warm, but this will not damage the manufactured specimens.

If you do not receive your kit within five days of the shipping date, please call AAFP-PT. We assume all kits arrive unless otherwise notified. We are unable to change the shipment dates, so if your office is scheduled to be closed when a kit is due to arrive, you will need to make delivery arrangements with the overnight shipping service.

Processing the Specimens

The kit should be examined by laboratory personnel immediately. Check for possible missing or broken/leaking specimens. If any samples are missing or compromised, notify AAFP-PT immediately.

Specific time frames are allotted for the shipment of each kit, for analysis in your laboratory and for the return of your results for evaluation. AAFP-PT recommends that testing be completed as follows:

  • Hematology/Coagulation: within seven days of receipt
  • Chemistry: within seven to ten days of receipt
  • Microbiology (non-culture)/Immunology/Urinalysis/Other: within seven to ten days of receipt
  • Microbiology cultures: set-up within seven days of receipt

Late results will not be accepted. The AAFP-PT evaluation process cannot begin until at least 80% of the results have been returned for grading. Timely processing of the specimens and return of your results will expedite the process. A delay in returning results can delay the evaluation process.

Once you have performed the tests and recorded your results, be sure to check your work and have all of the individuals participating in the testing process (including the laboratory director) sign the attestation statement. It is recommended that you create and print a data submission report using the "Reports" link on your PT Central(www.mylabqc.com) homepage. This is a permanent record of your submission. It may also serve as a quick method to identify and validate clerical errors or missing results.