Verify EHR System Capabilities

Steps to Verifying Your EHR's Capabilities

Identify your product, version, and vendor

If you're using an older EHR or e-prescribing application, medication history functionality may not be present. Look for the “About” or “Help” menu in your application; the version that you're using should be listed there. If it's not, contact your vendor representative for assistance.

Determine certification status

In order for a system to transact with SureScripts' network, it must have been certified by SureScripts. If you know the name and version of the product your practice is using, you can check out the product's certification status(

Ask your vendor how to enable functionality

If your product has been certified to provide prescription history, contact your vendor representative to ask what it will take to enable this functionality.

What you will need

  • Time to gather information
  • Access to your EHR or e-prescribing system
  • Internet access
  • Contact information for your vendor representative

Difficulty: Easy

Outcome: Knowing whether your EHR has prescription history functionality

Time to Complete: One week