Assess Readiness: Email

Steps to Assessing Email Readiness

Field the survey

Measure current call volume

Making email available to your patients can cut down on the time staff spend playing phone tag. Use this form(0 bytes) to measure current call volume.

Analyze the data and decide

These questions should guide your analysis of the data you've gathered and inform your decision:

  • Is the number of patients who say they'd like to communicate with the practice via email compelling?
  • How about the amount of time staff currently spend returning missed calls and placing unanswered calls?
  • If enough of this staff time could be spent on more meaningful tasks, would setting up email with patients be worth your investment of time and money?
  • Are you and your staff ready to undertake this project?

If the answers to these questions are "yes," then you're ready to start the process of setting up email with your patients. The first step is to create an email policy.

What you will need

  • A survey and call tracking log
  • Multiple paper copies of the survey
  • Staff and time to analyze data (one to two people; four to eight hours)
  • Decision-making authority

Difficulty: Easy; needs buy-in from providers and staff

Outcome: Enough data to make a decision

Time to Complete: Two months (one month to gather data; one month to analyze and decide)