Improve, Market, & Evaluate: Clinical Data-sharing

Steps to Marketing, Improving, & Evaluating Your Messaging System

Improve workflows

After several weeks, review the new workflows. Are there even better ways to handle the work? Refine the workflows as needed, then document the changes in the appropriate place (e.g., office manual).

Market electronic messagingto other practices

  • If some practices still tend to fax even though they've agreed to communicate electronically, encourage them to get on the electronic bandwagon. Remind them of the advantages of secure messaging.
  • Reach out to additional practices to encourage their move to secure electronic messaging. Use this letter(0 bytes), or compose your own.
  • Your goal should be to get all the practices you interact with to communicate patient data electronically. Until you do, your practice can't move entirely to the new, more efficient workflows.

Evaluate the messaging system

Periodically evaluate the system you're using and consider whether to change to another one. There likely will be new vendors and health information exchanges to consider. You might find one with more advantages for your practice.

What you will need

  • Decision-making authority
  • Time to refine new workflows, reach out to practices and evaluate the system
  • A place to document revised workflows (e.g., office manual)
  • A letter to send to practices

Difficulty: Easy

Outcome: Improvements to electronic data sharing, and more practices involved

Time to Complete: Ongoing

See Also
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