Evaluate the Email Service

Steps to Evaluating Your Email Service

Discuss at regular staff meetings

Make sure the topic gets discussed by putting it on the agenda as a standing item. Ask staff for their feedback about how it's working, and what they hear from patients about how it's working.

Ask patients for feedback

Make a survey, in print or online, using a free service such as SurveyMonkey(www.surveymonkey.com). Ask patients about success measures that are important to them: timeliness of responses, effectiveness of the communications.

Make a plan for fixing glitches

As a team, identify areas that need improvement, and create a plan to address them. The most important parts of the plan, and questions to answer, are:

  • What needs to be done?
  • Who's going to do it?
  • By when will it be done?

What you will need

  • Regular team meetings
  • Time to discuss
  • A survey for patients
  • Time to implement planned improvements

Difficulty: Easy; needs ongoing support

Outcome: Information about how to improve the service

Time to Complete: Ongoing