Find Participating Pharmacies

Steps to Finding Pharmacies Participating in e-Prescribing

Create a list of area pharmacies

To create a list of area pharmacies that your patients frequent and that accept e-prescriptions:

  • Create a list of the zip codes for the areas where your patients live and work. If you have a practice management system and can get the codes from it, start there. If not, use the United States Postal Service's zip code look-up tool(
  • Using the list of zip codes, find pharmacies that accept e-prescriptions(
  • List area pharmacies accepting e-prescriptions in a spreadsheet.
  • Sample your patients for a period of time (for example, two weeks) and ask which pharmacies they use on a regular basis.

Follow up with pharmacies

Ask staff to follow up with pharmacies that patients said they use but didn't come up on your search. Do they accept e-prescriptions?

What you will need

  • Staff and time to collect information about pharmacies and patients' preferences (one to two people; three to four hours over a period of two weeks)
  • A tool(0 bytes) to aggregate pharmacy information and compare it to patients' preferences.

Difficulty: Easy

Outcome: A list of pharmacies that accepts e-prescriptions and are used by your patients

Time to Complete: Two weeks to collect data

See Also
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