Select a Product: Email

Steps to Selecting an Email Product

Consider the workflows you've established

If you haven't already talked as a team about how to integrate email into the workflow, you might want to do that at the same time you're selecting a product. Differences in how technology products represent workflow will influence how, and when, the humans on your team do their jobs.

Investigate vendors, check out references

For any product you're considering, ask the vendor for a list of family medicine practices that are using the product. Download this form(0 bytes) to structure the feedback those references offer; expect that this step to take a fair amount of time, since the information's coming from busy practices like your own.

Discuss as a staff and decide

Keeping in mind the new processes and changes to the team's workflow, discuss as a staff the various products and vendors.

What you will need

  • Time to investigate vendors
  • References from other family medicine offices
  • Time to discuss as a team

When to ask for help

Hiring a consultant to facilitate the process might be the way to get this done if you and your staff don't have the time or the desire to:

  • Research secure messaging products
  • Interview other family medicine practices
  • Talk with vendors about your practice's needs

Difficulty: Requires careful consideration, exploration

Outcome: Secure messaging solution

Time to Complete: Six months

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