Delta-Exchange Oath

To be a part of this elite collaborative network, you promise to:

  1. Make serious and sustained efforts to change and transform your practice or health system to a patient-centered medical home.
  2. Make the commitment to communicate and collaborate by sharing advice and offering knowledge intended to help transform members of the network to patient-centered medical homes.
  3. Treat all members of the network with respect and to value and learn from all opinions and ideas expressed within the network.
  4. Be a primary care physician, nurse, nurse practitioner, medical assistant, practice manager, care manager, care coordinator, or office staff at a primary care practice or health system; or a part of a primary care-focused residency or educational program.
  5. Not share copyrighted materials and/or the comments, files and postings of other members with non-members.
  6. Keep your network password safe and secure and not share it with anyone or let others access the network or post in your name.