PCMH Planner Outline- PCMH 201

PCMH 201

The outline below shows what you will master as you work through the PCMH 201 initiative in the PCMH Planner.

Goal: Quality Care

1. Objective: Implement Risk-Stratified Care Management

  • Learn About and Implement Risk-Stratified Care Management

2. Objective: Connect Your Practice Digitally to the Medical Neighborhood

  • Engage in your Local Health Information Exchange

Goal: Patient-Centered Care

1. Objective: Ensure Patients’ Access to Care 

  • Communicate With Patients Through Secure Email
  • Establish a Web Portal and Allow Patients to Access Their Medical Information

2. Objective: Support Patient-Self Management

  • Engage Patients in Shared Decision Making
  • Offer Health Coaching to Patients

3. Objective: Assess and Improve Patients’ Experience of Care

  • Conduct Patient Focus Groups Periodically  
  • Establish a Patient Advisory Panel