PCMH Planner Outline- Practice Foundations for PCMH

Practice Foundations for PCMH

The outline below shows what is covered in the Practice Foundations initiative in the PCMH Planner.

Goal: Practice Management Basics

1. Objective: Staffing Model

  • Physician Leadership  
  • Define roles and job descriptions
  • Ability for Patients to Select Their Personal Physicians

2. Objective: Disciplined Financial Management Approach 

  • Budget and Forecast for the Future
  • Manage Cash Flows & Seek Revenue-Enhancing Opportunities  
  • Optimizing Billing and Coding Procedures

3. Objective: Sound Technology Infrastructure in Place

  • Comply with the Security and Privacy Rules Required Under HIPAA
  • Develop a Contingency Plan for Down Time and Data Loss
  • Establish Policies and Procedures for Software Maintenance
  • 24/7 Physician Access to Medical Charts

4. Objective: Foster a Culture of  Improvement

  • Form a Skilled Team to Work on Improvement Projects
  • Learn About and Use Basic Principles of Quality Improvement
  • Select Quality Improvement Topics
  • Implement a Quality Improvement Project

Goal: Patient-Centered Basics

1. Objective: Incorporate Patient Safety into Your Practice

  • Learn About Patient Safety Basics and Assess Your Practice
  • Develop a Culture of Patient Safety and Address Safety Concerns

2. Objective: Improve Patients’ Experience of Care 

  • Assess Your Practice 
  • Conduct a Patient Satisfaction Survey and Act on the Results
  • Provide Appropriate Care Based on Patient Needs and Background