PCMH Planner Outline- Meaningful Use
Stage 2

 Meaningful Use Stage 2

The outline below shows what is coverered in the Meaningful Use Stage 2 initiative in the PCMH Planner.

Goal: Prepare to Tackle Stage 2

1. Objective: Understand How Stage 2 Differs from Stage 1

a. Stage 2 Timeline and Structural Changes

Goal: Complete Requirements for Meaningful Use

1. Objective: Complete All Core Objectives

a. CPOE for Medication, Laboratory and Radiology Orders
b. E-Prescribing and Drug Formulary
c. Record Demographic Information – Stage 2
d. Record Vital Signs – Stage 2
e. Record Smoking Status – Stage 2
f. Select Decision-Support Intervention – Stage 2
g. Provide Online Patient Portal Access
h. Provide Patients With After-Visit Clinical Summaries – Stage 2
i. Protect Electronic Health Information – Stage 2
j. Clinical Lab Test Results Management – Stage 2
k. Generate Patient Lists – Stage 2
l. Send Patient Reminders – Stage 2
m. Provide Patient-Specific Education – Stage 2
n. Perform Medication Reconciliation – Stage 2
o. Provide Care Summary for Referrals – Stage 2
p. Communicate with Immunization Registries – Stage 2
q. Secure Messaging with Patients

2. Objective: Complete Three Menu Objectives

a. Submit Syndromic Surveillance Data (Communicate with Public Health) – Stage 2
b. Create Electronic Progress Notes
c. Access Radiographic Images – Stage 2
d. Manage Family History Data – Stage 2
e. Report to a Cancer Registry
f. Report to a Specialized Registry

3. Objective: Report on Nine Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs)

a. Select Qualifying Clinical Quality Measures for Meaningful Use Stage 2