FAQ on the AAFP's PCMH Planner

Frequently Asked Questions About the PCMH Planner

1. What is the PCMH Planner?

The PCMH Planner is an online tool designed to assist the physician and his/her practice team in determining what initiatives are most important to their practice and implementing changes in a linear progression. It is geared towards the greater goal of PCMH achievement, designation, and increasing revenue for the practice.

2. I'm a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Is the cost of the PCMH Planner covered by the dues I pay?

The PCMH Planner is not included in your dues. However, a number of Practice Management-related resources are available online.

3. I am not an AAFP member and do not have an AAFP ID number. Am I still able to access the PCMH Planner?

Yes, even if you are not currently an AAFP member, you can access the Planner. You will simply need to create an AAFP ID before you can log in. Create your free AAFP ID.

4. How much does the PCMH Planner cost? Can I use it for free?

At this time, free and trial versions are not available. The cost for the PCMH Planner varies depending on the number of users in your practice, as well as whether or not a physician within your practice is an AAFP member. The pricing structure is as follows:

At Least 1 AAFP Member
1 $99.95
2–5 $149.00
6–10 $249.00
If you require 11+ users, please call the AAFP Contact Center: (800) 274-2237
No AAFP Members in Practice
1 $149.00
2–5 $199.00
6–10 $299.00
If you require, 11+ users, please call the AAFP Contact Center: (800) 274-2237

5. I already purchased a subscription. Where do I go to log into the Planner?

The log-in page for the PCMH Planner is: http://pcmh.aafp.org. If you would like to bookmark this page, please note that there is no “www” in the URL.

6. How do I get in contact with PCMH Planner support?

For any additional questions or issues, email us at contactcenter@aafp.org or call (800) 274-2237 and we’ll be happy to help.

7. I have a specific question regarding content within the PCMH Planner. Who should I contact?

For content-related questions or issues, email us at contactcenter@aafp.org or call (800) 274-2237. If we cannot answer your question directly, we will put you in contact with the appropriate subject matter expert.

You can also view a sample work plan(2 page PDF) to get a preview of the content.

8. Is there a demo of the PCMH Planner available?

Demos are not available at this time, but are planned to begin in late summer 2014.

9. Is the PCMH Planner compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, the PCMH Planner is optimized for mobile devices. However, the Planner is best viewed on larger screens.

10. Which web browsers are compatible with the PCMH Planner?

Supported web browsers include Internet Explorer version 8 and above, and the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Other browsers or browser versions may or may not work, but the browsers listed above are guaranteed compatible.

11. Will the PCMH Planner assure that I will receive PCMH recognition from National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)?

No. The PCMH Planner is designed to help you achieve the functions and concepts of the Patient-Centered Medical Home model. If you choose to seek recognition with any of the PCMH accrediting bodies after you complete the PCMH initiatives in the Planner, your practice will be well-positioned and ready to complete the applications.  

12. If new initiatives come to the forefront (such as Meaningful Use 3), will I need to pay for that content?

Your two-year subscription entitles you to all such content free-of-charge. The Planner is an evolving educational tool and will be updated as new initiatives emerge.

13. Can my whole practice team have access to the PCMH Planner?

Yes. The Planner is designed specifically for use by your whole team and facilitates the sharing of relevant notes within the tool.

14. Why should I consider purchasing a multi-user account instead of just a single user?

If you are not in solo practice, we strongly recommend you purchase a multi-user account according to the number of employees/staff members in your practice who in any way may be involved in practice transformation. This will help ensure optimal use of the Planner and enables your entire practice team to work in the tool, comment within work plans so other team members can view comments, etc. Multi-user accounts encourage true team-based care and provide the greatest functionality of the PCMH Planner.

15. What does Planner content look like?

You can view a sample workplan(2 page PDF) to get a preview of the content.

16. How do I print a work plan so that it prints on an 8.5 by 11” piece of paper?

Once you are in a work plan, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on “Print this page.” This function works best if you use Mozilla Firefox version 24.0 or higher as your browser.

However, if you want the work plan to print so you have plenty of room to make notes in the right margin of the page, use Internet Explorer as your browser.

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