Becoming Recognized or Accredited as a PCMH

Recognition and Accreditation as a Patient-Centered Medical Home

There is not a single path that meets every practice’s needs. To determine which process is the most appropriate for your practice, there are three important pieces of information you must gather:

  1. Find out if your state has a defined, state-developed or specific state recognized process with the AAFP Government Relations 2013 State Legislation: Medical Homes Report(6 page PDF).
  2. Determine if you are required by another group to be recognized or accredited (accountable care organization, Health Resources and Services Administration [HRSA], etc.).
  3. Determine if this recognition is the same as the major health plans or payers for your practice (Medicaid, private insurance, etc.).

After you have gathered the necessary information, you can determine which process may be most appropriate for you and your practice.

Use the links in the See Also box to access major nation-wide recognition and accreditation programs.