Assemble a Project Team: Same-day Appointments

Steps to Assembling a Project Team to Implement Same-day Appointments

Get everyone involved

  • Get buy-in from providers and staff.
  • Determine which staff need to be on the implementation team. Be sure to include staff currently involved in the scheduling process.

Learn more

  • The AAFP video "Improve the Patient Experience" includes an introduction to same-day appointment scheduling.
  • Read FPM's article about same-day scheduling and open access "Answers to Your Questions about Same-Day Scheduling." [LINK TO FPM] It will also help you learn the difference between committing to same-day scheduling/open access and assigning a few appointment slots for same-day scheduling.

Schedule project meetings

In your first meeting:

  • Show the AAFP video "Improve the Patient Experience" to educate team members about same-day appointment scheduling.
  • Set clear goals.
  • Determine staff roles and responsibilities.
  • Set a launch date.

Develop a timeline

  • Set a timeline for project completion.
  • Set a timeline for project evaluation.

Prepare for challenges

Develop a plan to deal with implementation issues, including resistance from providers, staff and patients.

What you will need

  • A project team and leader. The knowledge and skills of individuals' on a team can help your project succeed.
  • Staff buy-in and commitment. You will need the collaboration of all members of your staff to implement open-access scheduling.
  • Additional time to work on project
  • A computer with Internet access to watch the video

Difficulty: Easy; requires buy-in from providers and staff

Outcome: Commitment to implementing open-access scheduling

Time to Complete: Two weeks