Assemble a Project Team: Patient Satisfaction Data to Improve

Steps to Assembling a Project Team to Implement Using Patient Satisfaction Data to Improve

Select work group members

  • It's helpful to include staff members with skill sets needed by the group, but it's also important to pick people with the right attitude and willingness to participate.
  • Your practice also may have an informal leader, i.e, the person that everyone goes to. Be sure to include that individual, too.
  • Consider including a patient who attends when the group needs the patient's perspective, such as after developing a work plan but before putting the plan into action.

Schedule work group meetings

At the first meeting, use this agenda(1 page DOC) to shape the discussion, or create your own agenda.

Create a work plan with deadlines

  • After the first work group meeting, use this form(1 page DOC) to create the work plan, or create your own form.
  • Share the plan with the work group for their input, then finalize it.

What you will need

  • Decision-making authority
  • Time to select the work group
  • Time to prepare for and hold the first meeting
  • A way to document decisions and processes (e.g., office manual)
  • Time to create the work plan

Difficulty: Easy; needs dedicated time for meetings

Outcome: A work group with a plan

Time to Complete: Two weeks (to pick group, hold meeting, and create plan)