Assemble a Project Team: Practice Website

Steps to Assembling a Team to Build Your Practice Website

Get staff involved

Select members of the website team. Include your practice manager, as well as staff with previous web experience.

Schedule team meetings

At first team meeting:

  • Set clear goals.
  • Determine team member roles and responsibilities.
  • Decide how to integrate website work into regular office workflow.
  • Document the discussion and new processes that you all agree to.

Use these brainstorming questions(0 bytes) to help guide the discussion or develop your own list of questions.

Create a timeline

Include time for all tasks the team will undertake, including selection of a website development company, if needed.

What you will need

  • Decision-making authority
  • Time to select website team members (30 minutes; one person)
  • Time to hold first team meeting (three hours; three to four people)
  • A way to document decisions and processes (e.g., office manual)
  • Time to create timeline (one to two hours; one person)

Difficulty: Easy; needs dedicated time for meetings

Outcome: A project team and a timeline for its work

Time to Complete: Two weeks (to select team members, hold first meeting and create timeline)

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