Assess Readiness: Patient Satisfaction Data to Improve

Steps to Assessing Readiness for Using Patient Satisfaction Data to Improve

Think about your own readiness

Points to consider:

  • Does the practice culture already embrace quality improvement (QI)? If not, will you take steps to make it so (such as discussing QI at staff meetings and adding QI to the culture statement and practice values) before assessment of patient satisfaction begins? If you don't advocate QI, others may resist change when patient feedback indicates the need.
  • Are you ready to accept and model change yourself? For example, if patient feedback shows the phones aren't always answered courteously, will you work with staff to establish a service standard for answering the phones, and then strive to meet that standard whenever you answer the phone?
  • When patient feedback is positive, will you celebrate the achievement with staff?
  • How much money can your practice afford to invest in assessing patient satisfaction?

Get staff involved

  • Hold a staff discussion about assessing patient satisfaction and improving quality, to get everyone on board. These talking points(2 page DOC) may help you plan the discussion, or create your own talking points. While you talk, you might show this slide set(0 bytes) or one you create.
  • Let staff know you'll soon establish the patient satisfaction project team.

What you will need

  • Decision-making authority
  • Time for reflection
  • Time for a staff meeting

Difficulty: Easy

Outcome: A practice ready for patient input and quality improvement

Time to Complete: One month

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