Assess Demand for Same-day Appointments

Steps to Determining Demand for Same-day Appointments

Gather information

Have scheduling staff track appointment requests each day for one week. Include return and follow-up appointments. Use this same-day appointment spreadsheet(0 bytes) for tracking.

Analyze data

  • Calculate the average number of appointment requests per day.
  • Assess number of appointments each physician can deliver per day.
  • Evaluate physician panel size. Use FPM's Patient Panel worksheet(1 page XLS) to capture the data you need to define your ideal panel size.

Make decisions

Adjust physician panel size as needed.

What you will need

  • Staff collaboration to gather information
  • Tracking tools (See Also box)

Difficulty: Moderate; requires staff cooperation

Outcome: Knowledge of ideal patient/physician panel size

Time to Complete: One to two weeks