Improve & Evaluate: Practice Website

Steps to Improving & Evaluating Your Practice Website

Monitor your website

If you're working with a website development company, its staff may do some of the following work. If you've developed your own website, you'll do this work:

  • Check search engine ranking.
  • Analyze website traffic reports.

Maintain your website

If you're working with a website development company, its staff may do the first item, but your practice will be responsible for the second item.

  • Check the website regularly. Does it download quickly? Are any images missing, links broken, words misspelled? Fix any problems detected.
  • Respond promptly to emails from visitors. Develop several  standardized replies so the information provided is uniform.

Evaluate, update, and improve your website

  • Regularly ask staff for feedback about how the website is working, including feedback they receive from patients.
  • Survey patients periodically for their feedback. Use this survey(1 page DOC) or create your own.
  • The website team should analyze feedback and website traffic reports, identify areas that need improvement, and develop a plan to accomplish those improvements. The most important parts of the plan, and questions to answer, are: What needs to be done? Who's going to do it? By when will it be done?
  • When your practice has news, such as an upcoming event or a new physician, update your website. Nothing encourages return visits better than fresh, timely information!

What you will need

  • Decision-making authority
  • Website reports and time to review them
  • Time to review the website and answer emails
  • Staff feedback
  • A patient survey
  • Time to analyze data and feedback and to develop a plan
  • Time to implement improvements and updates

Difficulty: Easy; needs ongoing support

Outcome: An updated website that works

Time to Complete: One to two hours on a regular basis