Evaluate the Scheduling Service

Steps to Evaluating Same-day Appointments in Your Practice

Monitor statistics

  • Monitor statistics weekly until same-day scheduling implementation is completed. Have staff use this tally sheet(1 page DOC) to record appointment requests. This tool will automatically calculate the percentage of same-day versus pre-scheduled visits.
  • Continue to monitor statistics periodically.

Evaluate cost-effectiveness

Same-day scheduling should:

  • Reduce the number of no-show appointments, and patient and provider cancellation.
  • Increase revenue because of higher patient retention.
  • Increase clinical staff efficiencies. Physicians and nurses will have more time to spend with patients because non-clinical work is relocated to non-clinical staff.

Evaluate satisfaction

Distribute a patient satisfaction survey before, during, and after open-access scheduling to measure satisfaction improvements.

What you will need

  • Staff cooperation to track data
  • Time to analyze data
  • A patient satisfaction survey

Difficulty: Easy; requires time to analyze data

Outcome: An overview of how open-access scheduling is working for you

Time to Complete: Ongoing