Expand & Sustain: Patient Self-management

Steps to Expanding & Sustaining Patient Self-management in Your Practice

Take PSMS practice-wide

If there are other physicians and care teams in the practice, they likely have been watching with interest your team's progress in implementing patient self-management support (PSMS). After they see the benefits of PSMS, they may want to do it themselves. Your care team can serve as a resource for them by sharing experiences, training methods, tools, and best practices.

Brush up on these talking points(1 page PDF) before discussing PSMS with others in the practice.

Sustain the change

Continue to offer training on skills and new tools to keep everyone educated and motivated to provide PSMS. Some practices designate a staff member to serve as the self-management support coach, i.e., the person who provides or coordinates ongoing training to keep the team from returning to the old, directive paradigm of care.

Over time, patient self-management support will become your practice's "usual care" and your patients will benefit.

What you will need

  • Decision-making authority
  • Time for continued skills training
  • Time to expand patient self-management support across the practice

Difficulty: Moderate; requires ongoing effort to make changes stick

Outcome: A practice that champions and supports patient self-management

Time to Complete: Ongoing