Assess Clinical Staff Resources: Same-day Appointments

Steps to Assessing and Optimizing Clinical Staff Resources

Assess efficiency of current patient care processes

  • During project meetings, discuss current patient care delivery processes and their efficiency with staff.
  • Brainstorm opportunities for improving patient care and for optimizing physician and other clinical staff resources.

Explore optimization opportunities

During project meetings, discuss the following options and other ideas from a brainstorming session:

  • Use of non-physician clinical staff to optimize patient care
  • Patient education and self-management for disease prevention and treatment enhancement
  • Offering different opportunities for physician-patient communication and interaction, such as email
  • Offering group visits for patients who have chronic diseases

What you will need

Team meetings to discuss current processes and to brainstorm optimization opportunities

Difficulty: Moderate; requires analysis of current practice processes

Outcome: Considerations to optimize patient care

Time to Complete: Two weeks