Allocate Resources for Same-day Appointments

Steps to Allocating Resources for Same-day Appointments

Assess resource requirements

  • Review your timeline to determine how many hours will be spent on the project.
  • Review your findings on ideal panel size.
  • Determine if current staff can work expanded hours or if you need to hire temporary staff until you reduce your backlog of pre-scheduled appointments.
  • Determine if you need to develop a project budget to cover additional short-term staff resources.

Develop a plan to allocate resources

If additional short-term staff resources and/or financial resources are needed:

  • Determine how much overtime current staff will be required to work, or how many temporary staff you will need and for how long.
  • Develop a budget to cover costs of additional short-term resources.

What you will need

  • An estimate of the number of hours to be spent on the project
  • An assessment of current appointment demand and availability
  • An assessment of physician capacity
  • An assessment of the size of your backlog
  • A project budget if additional resources are needed

Difficulty: Moderate; requires analysis of staffing needs and financial resources

Outcome: Available necessary resources to start your project

Time to Complete: One week

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