Select a Company: Practice Website

Steps to Selecting a Company to Build Your Practice Website

Investigate website development companies

  • Talk to companies that interest you. Gather information and discuss your practice needs. Use these questions(0 bytes) as part of your discussion or develop your own list of questions.
  • Get family medicine references from each company you like. Use this form(0 bytes) to organize feedback from the references, or create your own form. Expect some delays since the feedback is coming from busy practices like yours.
  • For companies with good references, conduct background checks to determine viability (whether the company is likely to stay in business).

Discuss and decide

Discuss "top contender" companies with the website team and with other physicians and providers in the practice, then select a company.

What you will need

  • Decision-making authority
  • Time to investigate website development companies
  • References from other family medicine practices
  • Background checks
  • Time for discussions
  • Money to pay for website development

Difficulty: Moderate; requires careful consideration, exploration

Outcome: Selection of a website development company

Time to Complete: May take up to six months

See Also
  • Questions to Ask Website Development Companies(0 bytes)
  • Reference Feedback Form(0 bytes)
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