Educate & Train Staff: Same-day Appointments

Steps to Educating & Training Staff on Same-day Appointments

Keep staff informed

  • Schedule a staff meeting to discuss planned changes to practice operation.
  • Consider showing the AAFP video "Improve the Patient Experience" to refresh staff about same-day appointment scheduling.
  • Inform staff about how planned changes will impact their daily activities.
  • Share timeline for project completion and implementation of open-access scheduling.

Prepare for challenges

  • Be prepared to address staff resistance to planned changes.
  • Provide information about the benefits of open-access scheduling.
  • Share some of the challenges the practice currently faces, such as no-shows and long waits for appointments, and their impact on patient care, practice finances, and staff workflow.

What you will need

  • Regular meetings to keep staff informed.
  • A computer with Internet access to show the video.
  • In case you face staff resistance to open-access scheduling, it is helpful to compile some information on the benefits of same-day appointments. Share this information with all staff that may be affected by the changes in your practice.

Difficulty: Easy; challenges include staff resistance to change

Outcome: Trained staff to put changes into practice

Time to Complete: One day

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